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Body Constitution

Body Constitution

Ayurveda recognized long time ago that no two individuals are the same and developed the concept of “Body Constitution” (also known as Body Type or “Prakriti”) or in modern terminology the genetical makeup.

Body Constitution is determined by the proportions of 3 “Doshas” or energies – Pitta, Kapha and Vata which are present in all individuals – we are born with them and they cannot be changed.

Knowing our body constitution tell us many things e.g. what foods are good for our body, if you are suffering from a health problem, it will tell you which of these 3 “Doshas” is out of balance and what needs to be done to restore the original balance to “CURE” the problem etc. There are many advantages to knowing your Body Constitution – it can literally change your life.

Do you know what is your Body Constitution? If not take the following quiz.

What is your Body Constitution?

Read through the following questionnaire and circle the choices, which describes you over all your life (not who you want to be).
1. Physical
V) I am a slender person (size 0 – 8), I hardly gain weight
P) I am medium built (size 10-12)
K) I am well built (size 14-+); I tend to gain weight no matter what I do
2. Skin
V) My skin is dry and thin and itches often
P) My skin looks flushed; I have lots of moles and freckles on my body
K) My skin is smooth and soft; It looks pale sometimes
3. Face
V) My face is oval
P) My face is triangular (I have a pointed chin)
K) My face is round
4. Activities
V) I am a very active person, always on the go
P) I always think before I do anything
K) I am steady and graceful, I don’t like to rush
5. Actions
V) I walk fast, talk fast and I drive in the fast lane
P) My actions are very thoughtful, and precise, Like to drive in the middle lane
K) I am slow, I like to take my time, I drive in a slow lane
6. Sleep
V) I do not sleep soundly; I toss and turn, and sometimes get up early in the morning
P) I am a light sleeper, If something wakes me up, I can easily go back to sleep
K) I am a heavy sleeper, I sleep like a log
7. Appetite
V) Varies, sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes not, often I feel anxious if I don’t eat
P) I always feel hungry; if I don’t eat, I get irritable and angry
K) I don’t feel very hungry; I can go without food easily for a day
8. Bowel movement
V) I tend to constipate, may skip a day or two
P) I have regular bowel movements, sometimes they are loose, tend to get diarrhea
K) I have no problem; I wake up to go to the bathroom
9. Emotions
V) I am a born worrier, I often feel anxious and nervous
P) If things don’t happen my way, I feel very irritable and angry
K) I am a happy person, calm and content
10. Weather preference
V) I love warm and humid weather
P) I enjoy cool weather, I hate warm weather
K) I like warm but dry weather
11. Sweating
V) I hardly sweat
P) I perspire even after taking shower
K) I sweat only if I work very hard
12. Memory
V) I remember quickly, but forget quickly too
P) I remember what I want to remember, and never forget
K) I am a little slow to remember, but once I do, I never forget. I remember details
13. Actions
V) I tend to do things on the spur of the moment
P) I am a list maker, unless I plan, I don’t do anything
K) I don’t like to plan; it is easy to follow others
14. Stamina
V) I like to do things in spurts. I get tired very easily
P) I have medium stamina
K) I can work long hours, I have a good stamina
15. Mind
V) My Mind becomes restless often, it starts racing
P) I get impatient easily
K) It takes a lot to make me mad. I feel very calm
16. Personality
V) “Can I change my mind”
P) “Do it my way or the highway”!
K) “Don’t worry, be happy”!
17. Sports
V) I like action
P) I like to win
K) I like to have fun
18. Health problems
V) My symptoms are mainly pain, constipation, anxiety, depression etc.
P) I often get skin infections, fevers, heartburn, etc
K) I tend to get allergies, congestion, weight gain, digestive problems
19. Hobbies
V) My symptoms are mainly pain, constipation, anxiety, depression etc.
P) I often get skin infections, fevers, heartburn, etc
K) I tend to get allergies, congestion, weight gain, digestive problems

Your Score

Count all V’s, P’s and K’s. That is your Body Constitution. If you fit more in ‘V’ category, then you may have more Vata predominance. If you circled more ‘P’ choices, you may have strong Pitta, dominating your personality and if ‘K’ choices seem more appropriate, Kapha may be responsible for your looks and likes.

Contact :

Dr. Jay if you have trouble determining your Body Type (Prakriti) or for a consultation to determine which foods including AyurFoods may be right for you. She can be reached at :

Dr. Jay Apte
(650) 584 – 3123 OR

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